Things we have learnt about America in Aspen, Colorado

We have come to the end of our seven day stay in Aspen, and here are the things we have learnt.

1. The food serving sizes have the ability to turn me from a size 8 to size 14 in record breaking time..yes I’d like a refill
2. Americans feel the need to talk really loudly at all times, mostly when I’m trying to sleep on the bus after a day on the mountain
3. On the subject of buses, all bus drivers in Aspen are slightly deranged and possibly scouted from homeless shelters and/or physic wards
4. Todd has discovered and voiced his observation that flies clearly do not breed in the snow as he hasn’t seen one fly or insect since arriving
5. If you are unprepared and walk around in shoes without grip it’s only a matter of time before someone falls on their bums and cries (wasn’t me…)
6. You can only buy two cheeseburgers at McDonalds, never one (and I’m quite okay with that)
7. This is a perfectly acceptable mode of pizza delivery


In all seriousness we have loved our first taste of America, these people are wacky but wonderful caring souls with only good intentions.

When we first arrived I was a little concerned about what this barron brown semi-snow covered land had in store for us, but seven days on and Aspen certainly has a special place in our hearts.




The boys enjoyed their days on the mountains without any training (they are those talented people that are good at everything) with the best powder in 20 years caught on go pro footage to come.


The girls enjoyed showing everyone that they CAN ski (green runs), even if they were complaining every ten minutes about how cold it was or how many toes/fingers they thought might have frostbite..possibly…maybe, definitely.



We stayed in a homely condominium at North of Nell in Aspen, a cute town with a larger variety of restaurants and shopping than Snowmass where we travelled to most days for a wider option of trails.

At the start of this week I couldn’t wait to get to Mexico but sitting here now I don’t want tomorrow’s flight to come. So tonight for one last time I get to sweep the curtains across and take a cheeky glance down at the beauty that I find myself in.

I am sad to leave you, my newest friend.

Goodnight and see you in my dreams Aspen.



3 responses to “Things we have learnt about America in Aspen, Colorado

  1. Love it, love it, love it! I particularly agree with points 1 and 5. Can’t wait for the next blog xxx

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