A round up of Puerto Escondido

A chilled out surf town on the West coast of Mexico, this was our first seven day stop after the family holiday in Aspen.

Carrizalillo Beach
This beach is just like the pictures but better, a camera cannot capture the feeling of relaxation we felt here.

Imagine an enclosed paradise, not yet overrun with tourists. To the right a local is catching fresh oysters off the rocks serving them to people on the beach (for under $10 a dozen), whales are jumping above the blue sea just a couple hundred metres off the shore, in front peaceful souls are performing their best downward dog. All whilst I lay back on my sun lounge enjoying fresh guacamole and corn chips, sipping a young coconut and waving down the mango ice cream van (aka the man with esky on wheels).

The water is so clear you can see the tiny striped fish swim angelically through the crowds of feet. You can hire a stand up paddle board to get a closer look at the whales or snorkel around the rock formations.


You want to stay nearby?
We spent four nights at Vivo Escondido – new kids on the block.

It feels very much like a a family, a tight nit group that opens you with welcomed arms. A nice place to relax away from the centre of town.

You can get a private room with your own ensuite for just $300 pesos a night ($30 AUD), that includes a fan, cold water showers – common around here, make your own pancakes for breaky and a pool which is mostly clear (for Mexican standards).




Zicatela Beach
The usual 20 foot waves that this coastline is known for, was zilch. We had come on the off season and the surf was a poor one to two foot.

Despite this we decided to pack our bags and find an apartment with a view to spoil ourselves with for the next three days in town.

The sand is wide and the cabanas are in the hundreds. Restaurants line the roadside, and beach cafés turn into clubs at night.



We became regulars at groovy ice cream and yoghurt shops.





The palm trees set a Hawaiian theme and the green grass is a welcomed surprise from the dirt roads just above on the main highway.

Pastel tones filled the sky on sunset and we didn’t miss one.




La Punta
Our local tour guide and coach aka Beth, took us to La Punta some afternoons (the point of Zicatela). Desperate learners flocked to fight for a wave with thirty others.

An enjoyable swimming spot, as opposed to the aggressive waters of Zicatela which have a strong current.

Puerto Angelito
We came here near sunset and watched the locals frolick fully clothed in the water with their children. It looked like all their Christmases had come at once which made me think a family outing to the beach might not be regular, and something we shouldn’t take for granted. Fishing boats lined the bay and plenty of restaurants with local cuisine was available.




For a cheap feed, we went to the Mercado which was full of colour. Every type of fruit and meat your heart desires! Or baby chickens and blow up pool toys, if you are in the market for those..

We opted for tacos, strawberry smoothie and orange juice – all for 70 pesos ($8 AUD).




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