48 hours in Mexico City

After our stopover in Mexico City on the way to Puerto Escondido last week we didn’t have high hopes for the city.

As we drove away from the airport my brain was in over drive contemplating the best way to stay alive over the next two days. Maybe we’ll just stay in the hotel room for 48 hours? I hope they have room service.

All my worries disappeared as we checked into our hotel Room Mate Valentina in the Zona Rosa area. I had unknowingly booked us into a gay friendly area, and we were actually on the main strip of 24 hour sex shops and clubs, called things like ‘Candy Shop’ and ‘Lollipop’ where smoke machines were on over drive, spilling hazy fumes out onto the paths. We were safe, or atleast I was.

We took a stroll down La Reforma into Chapultepec park. We were expecting green grass, a vast expanse and tall trees but what we got was so much better, a carnival on steroids.

An old man was twirling fresh fairy floss, plastic swans were available to paddle around the lake, the characters from Toy Story were life size and ready to take photos with you and the park was filled with squirrels looking for a scrap to eat.




We came across Museo Nacional de AntropologĂ­a and thought learning some history about the people who created this country would be interesting. Somehow we left disappointed. The actual building was impressive, and they had a stack of ancient sculptures but after two hours I still know nothing other than the fact that they really like rocks.





We did find a fabulous museum called Museo Memoria y Tolerancia after getting very lost, which was based on the holocaust – three floors of eye-opening video footage and information explained how Hitler gained his followers.

A few things I never knew. After the war, life in Germany was looking grim. Nobody could afford to eat as the country was suffering major financial burdens. Hitler promised the world and when he was put into power the nazis started pushing thoughts and beliefs into the communities by propaganda, one image showed a comparison of the cost of keeping a disabled man alive vs feeding a family of four.

The nazi responsible for this propaganda believed that the more lies you feed, the sooner they become the truth. And it obviously worked.

I still can’t comprehend the horrendous living circumstances and inescapable disease and death that clouded ghettos and concentration camps. Before Hitler, these people were just a normal part of society. The pictures of people in pain, mothers watching their children perish and brothers watching their malnourished sisters being tossed into the pile of a thousand other dead bodies will never leave us.




Fortunately we were reminded of love as we stepped outside to see Mexico City was one of the most red and loved up cities we had seen on Valentines Day before.

The next day our 48 hours was up and we were happy to leave Mexico City, a city where they still haven’t quite grasped the concept of bins.


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