Discovering Cozumel, Mexicos largest island

We weren’t enjoying Playa Del Carmen and decided to jump on the ferry to Cozumel which hosts the worlds second largest reef and a massive port for cruise liners.

The island is 50% serious divers and 50% drunk American tourists spending their retirement savings.


Everybody said there wasn’t much to do here unless you were diving but we filled six days with beautiful beaches, crystal clear water and way too many apple and cinnamon burritos (I’ll go into more detail later, these babies deserve a paragraph to themselves). The memory is making my mouth water..

We soon realised the main town of San Miguel where we were staying didn’t have a beach, so we handed over the $25AUD a day to hire a scooter and tried not thinking about the hole it was putting in our daily budget.


Pretty keen to get our tan on we took advice from some (sober) Americans and went to San Francisco Beach. Turns out a ‘beach’ here is actually a 10 metre stretch of sand owned by a restaurant where you have to spend a certain amount of money with them during the day to use their sand and chairs. And the entire stretch of sand is filled with these beach clubs.



We are getting better at handling drunk Americans but this was a bit too much. Time to swim out to the mouldy blow up toys and take a selfie..


At 3pm the intoxicated cruise shippers made their way back to their boats with a cocktail filled yard in hand. Very Spring Break, for 50 year olds.

Our favourite part of the island was the east coast! Every couple hundred metres there was a large FREE stretch of beach. There were still bus loads of cruise shippers arriving but they tended to stay in the restaurants unless you were one of the adventurous few that went for a swim with a life jacket on….in a 1 metre deep lagoon. I’m still confused.




A little drive out of town we found a real gem, when you are surrounded by locals you know you’re onto something. This little stretch of rocky beach was perfect for some R&R time away from the crowds. Our wallets thanked us because it was also free.

Back to the burritos – the Mexican food is terrible in Mexico! I feel like a bad Mexican food fiend for saying that, but it was so disappointing trying burrito after enchilada and realising we do it better in Australia (shout out to Montezumas – I miss you). But Burritos Gorditos was different and we went a little burrito mad, coming back three days in a row to have chicken and beef burritos as entrees and the most delicious deep fried apple and cinnamon burrito as dessert. It was crunchy, it was soft, chewy and rolled in a sweet sugary deliciousness. It’s the first thing I will attempt to make when I get home.

So it turns out a place not on the typical Eastern Mexico travel itinerary was one of the best!


One response to “Discovering Cozumel, Mexicos largest island

  1. Granted, you were trying to be a clever writer, but 50% divers, 50% drunk American tourists?…Man, did you ever miss the real Cozumel! You saw it as a tourist…and only that. Come back and experience the real Cozumel and its real people.

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