Escaping to Isla Mujeres

We escaped to Isla Mujeres after an incident involving a hostel in Cancun and a tactical chunder (or perhaps a not-so-tactical chunder).

It was the first of many expectedhungover trips but the colour of the water of this island literally made me so happy I couldn’t feel sick any longer.

The Caribbean has water like I’ve never seen before, and I needed to face plant into it ASAP.

The island is just 7 kilometres long and 650 metres wide, so the next day we hired a moped to see what the island had to offer. We found Garrafon Park – a lush green and well maintained tourist park where Americans pay $80AUD to snorkel and zip line. Alternatively next door the more budget savy pay a hotel offering the neighbouring water just $12. Let’s be honest, I was jealous of the people in the pretty, up-market park with pools and cabanas but that $60 I saved just got me four nights in a moldy hostel dorm. YAY for being on a budget.




Punta Sur (the point of the island) was another tourist clad area with beautiful views of the island, the go pro got a workout today.


Taking the opposite road home we found a side to the island filled with long term condos overlooking the beach. We could certainly see how people retire here!

The main stretch of beach Playa Norte offers beach bars, with chairs to rent and everything else you expect from a Mexican beach destination, with a view of the Cancun skyline!




Not far from the main stretch was our hostel Poc Na, the oldest hostel in Mexico. We loved it here, they do movies every night on a projector screen under the stars and have a great outdoor area overlooking the beach with a volleyball net, hammocks and bar plus the kitchen is affordable! They do have live music playing every night until 11.30 which can make it hard to sleep but the music has a nice island feel to it that is almost relaxing.

This is our favourite Mexican destination yet, the relaxed vibe and crystal blue water is just perfect. Where else can you get around via driving a golf cart?! Looking back we wish we had of stayed much longer.



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