A foodies guide to Tulum

Last month I self-diagnosed myself (with the help of Google) to have a dairy intolerance.

I had to seriously reassess where I was going to find the majority of my happiness now that it was not coming from food.

Every day I ran through in my head more and more foods I couldn’t eat.

Pizza. Ice cream. Thick shakes. Soft serve. Cheese on burgers. Carbonara. Baked goods. Oreos.


Thankfully, I decided to test out some food. A sneaky ice cream here, an Oreo there and turns out I misdiagnosed myself. Yeeha!

The moral of the story is Tulum is a haven for beautiful foods – and not just for someone who hasn’t eaten dairy for a month, and if you ever come here be sure to check out these digs:

El Vegetariano
Just a few hundred metres from where we stayed is an affordable vegetarian shack with felafel’s, baguettes and three course set menus for $110 pesos ($11AUD).

Batey Mojito & Guarapo Bar
Where else can you get Mojitos made with freshly pressed sugar cane out of a VW bug?! I don’t think anywhere. We had the passion fruit & it was beut.



Papa Deluxe
This place stands out from any other restaurant we have been to in Mexico the past four weeks. It all made sense when we met the owner who was from Melbourne. Tastefully decorated with a thoughtful menu of spuds (with toppings ranging from bolognaise to vegetables) and alternative salads (think quinoa, black beans and curry mustard dressings) YUM.


Xoco Loco
The chocolate/dessert section of Papa Deluxe is to die for, we had a light dinner one night and came here and stuffed our faces with a chocolate brownie and coconut creme brûlée – their drinks menu is amazing, everything from coffees with flavourings (coconut was our favourite), quirky teas and fruit filled waters.


La Hoja Verde
This is currently the highest rated vegan restaurant in Tulum on Happy Cow, they have a large variety of options and daily specials.


La Nave Pizzeria
We had bummed out on Italian restaurants before this, and we ended up coming two nights in a row it was that good – or maybe I just really needed a dose of wood fire pizza and hand made pasta.


El Pequeno Buenos Aires
Sometimes you just need a big slab of red meat (or a chicken parmy in Todd’s case).


Panna e Cioccolato
We justified an ice cream most evenings because we had a ten minute walk home. That’s enough to burn off the calories right?! Our favourites were Hazelnut & Mint, the cones they make in the store are ridiculously good.




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