Parisian fairy tale

Our time in Paris was beautiful, coming from the hustle and bustle of America the timing couldn’t have been better.

We rented an apartment from Air BNB in the Le Marais district which made us feel like we were living as locals.

We were walking distance to so many beautiful attractions but I loved walking up our big blue doors that had lion heads as handles, into the big courtyard, up the tiny stairs and into our studio after our feet gave way.


Delirious and run down from a few days of travel we forced ourselves into some sightseeing.

First stop was the love lock bridge, a short five minute walk through the streets of cafés around our studio.

As cliche as it was, on our way there a local man was playing the accordion and it was just perfect listening to him play as we walked along the river taking in our surroundings.


The gardens are so special everywhere in Paris, they are kept perfect and are so pretty I wish we had the time to sit for a day at each to just read and take it all in.


Todd loved the Notre Dam building, we didn’t go inside but it is so spectacular from the outside.


We met up with Brendan, Zoe, Rose and Poli at a bar on our first night. We miss our friends so much, it was amazing to see familiar faces.

We talked about how much weight we had each put on, listened to Brendan give us a lesson on his new favourite sport and watched Brendan & Zoes token gay Contiki friend hit on Poli who he said was a ‘big cuddly bear’.

We parted ways when we went in search of a club and only found doors with signs for ‘double lap dances’.


The louvre was closed on Tuesdays which worked perfectly for us, we had heard seeing the Mona Lisa isn’t worthwhile and it meant there weren’t as many people hovering around the garden area.


We couldn’t get enough of these peaceful gardens in Paris, a sanctuary where you don’t even feel like you are in a city. Photos don’t really do it justice, you have to go and feel it for yourself.





Walking up the Champsee Élysées we found ourselves at the Arc de Triumpf.


It was a rainy day but we pushed ourselves up to the Basilica overlooking Paris, and wandered through the nearby cobble stone streets in Montmartre. So many people.





We finished our visit off with a picnic looking up at the Eiffel Tower and a lazy elevator ride up to the top for these spectacular views.





See you next time Paris, we will so be back.



2 responses to “Parisian fairy tale

  1. That looks fantastic Madi! What a wonderful experience you are both having. We are going to Paris for the first time in September and I’m glad you loved it so much. I know the Lourve is busy but I have to see the Mona Lisa and Venus De Milo. We have booked an airbnb in Marias as well! Very much looking forward to living among the locals. We are using airbnb in Cinque Terre, Nice and Athens. Hope they all work out. You both look like you are having an amazing time. Whose the organiser or are you both good at that? Ha ha
    Hope your adventures continue to be fun and safe.

    • Yes & it just keeps getting better! You are going to have an awesome time in Paris, very romantic. We have used air bnb heaps on this trip and every time it’s worked out really well. I am definitely the organiser (control freak) haha. We will, thank you x

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