Raw & alive in Berlin

Every time I go to Berlin my experience is completely different, there is so much to see I always leave wanting more.

We went on two amazing walking tours over the couple of days we were in Berlin, the first being the Alternative Street Art Tour.



Obviously nobody is assigned the job of taking the posters down

Berlin is always changing, the first time I took this tour they showed us artist squats, tree houses, illegal caravan communities etc.

The second time I came a lot of this was slowing down and I felt like the city was maybe starting to loose it’s raw, unique and grungy feel.



This time I spoke to our tour guide and she said the places where I had been before had now been taken over by the government or bought out by wealthy investors.

Somehow without all of these things the city feels as alive as ever.


The street art is still everywhere you go and the stories that run with the artwork are so interesting.

We followed one artists ‘Little Lucy’ (below) all around Berlin.



The greatest thing about the art in Berlin is that it doesn’t matter whether you are a famous artist creating giant stencils, an artist illegally filling streets with paste ups, or a yoga instructor placing a man made of cork screws performing different yoga positions on street signs around the city.

It’s thoughtful, you created it – therefore it is art.


Highly recommend doing this tour if you are heading to Berlin, the guides are amazing locals – ours was a crazy circus performer who was living in Berlin when the wall came down & told us how she would perform trapeze acts with her friends in between buildings on top of courtyards and the people sipping coffee from below would be throwing tips for them to collect afterwards.

I so badly wish I could have experienced Berlin in that era.


We finished the tour in an amazing biergarten amongst other artsy buildings, complete with a rock climbing wall. When in Berlin right?!




We had some great nights out in Berlin, the best being our visit to Watergate.

The music was awesome and eventually you realise you’ve been enjoying yourself so much the sun is starting to rise.

Such a pretty sight after a sweaty evening of dancing.



We pushed our hungover selves to do a second tour to learn about the history of Germany and are so glad we did.

This city must have one of the most interesting (and horrible) history stories in the world.

The things we learnt left us shocked and wanting to learn more…keep reading and I’ll explain a few.


Notice there is no graffiti above on the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, that is because there is a coating over the pillars to stop any paint from sticking.

However…(this is when it gets interesting!), the same company that painted these pillars with the protective coat, also provided the gas to the Nazis for the gas chambers during the war.

Once the city/government discovered this they obviously went back to question the company, who then offered a discount. CONTROVERSY! How does something like that even happen?!

So essentially the same people who made money from killing Jews, made even more money from commemorating them. No fair, I say.


During the war, there were two brothers Adolf and Rudolf Dassler who provider the shoes for the Nazi soldiers. After the war they opened their own stores due to personal differences.

The name of these stores? Adidas & Puma.


And who provided the suit uniforms to the Nazis? Hugo Boss.


History lesson is over.

A few days visit to Berlin is never enough, you always want more and that is what I think defines a great city.


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