California Road Trip: Week Two

We continued down the coastline to famous OC beaches Laguna and Newport.

We googled OC scene sites, and were quickly let down upon realising this OC lifestyle we fell in love with through Marissa, Ryan, Seth and Summer wasn’t a reality and in fact basically zero filming went down here.



Because we were away from home and didn’t have Coles and Woolies reminding us it was coming we completely forgot it was Easter weekend.

The RV parks were all sold out so we spent our first night as proper hobos on the street.

There was a lot of yelling about where to park the van, the main focus was keeping far enough off the cop radar that we wouldn’t get towed (we already didn’t blend in with our psychedelic paint scheme), enough light that no one felt comfortable enough to rob us, and most importantly somewhere with a nearby bush for a late night pee pee.



The next few days we spent cruising these coastlines and Todd finally got to go for a freezing surf although the crowd fighting for a wave was larger than any beach back home on it’s best day of the year.

Our one OC site visit was Ruby’s diner where apparently Seth and Ryan shot a scene. I’ll take any excuse to eat a burger where Adam Brody may or may not have sat.


We weren’t sure what to expect of LA after many people advising us against it but we had to go have a look anyway.

We drove to the observatory site where you check out the Hollywood sign and sure enough it was far far away.


Second disappointment of the day was the ‘Fashion District’ which resembled Poppies Lanes in Kuta.

Third disappointment before we called it quits was the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

I don’t think Walt Disney wanted scuff marks across his name, dirty littered streets and homeless on every corner.


But I will nudge a few tourists out of the way to get a snap with my fellow wizards..still waiting for my letter.


Our second day in LA was much better, we spent a full day at Universal, literally from open to close.


We took the studio tour first which basically crushed all our dreams. You save all your pennies to travel to amazing places like New York to visit Central Park just like you see in the movies then they tell you that they don’t actually film in New York or Central Park, they recreate ALL the streets and parks here. The bit of grass for ‘Central Park’ was 5m x 5m maximum. BUZZ KILL.

20140514-204735.jpgThis is the ship from King Kong, probably one metre in length.

20140514-204745.jpgImpressive ruin site from War of the Worlds

20140514-204740.jpgThe start of Wisteria Lane from Desperate Housewives

The simulator rides at Universal were insane.

Each ride has pre-entertainment while you are standing in line. The Transformers ride line is designed like a secret industrial bunker where the captain is on the TV giving you instructions for the mission you are about to take on the ride – Destroy Megatron.

You jump in your cart, put your 3D glasses on and get driven around fighting Megatron on the huge 3D slides which make you feel like you are actually in the city doing just that.

The hydraulics in the cart jump backwards and forwards, you feel heat from the explosions and they spray water when Megatron spits at you and it legitimately feels like you are fighting him and falling hundreds of stories from buildings when he throws you off.




On the Despicable Me 2 simulation ride you are turned into a minion then go running around with the girls on the roller coaster, falling into a pile of minions, discovering anti-gravity rooms and finally delivering a present to Gru for their adoption anniversary. Highlight of the day!





The next day we ventured down to Venice Beach and Santa Monica pier to see the skate park, Muscle Beach and experience the infamous crazy people.





The drive along the coastline through Malibu to Santa Barbara was spectacular, we could have stopped at so many coves and bays if we had the time.



We spent two nights sleeping on the roads of Santa Barbara enjoying the slow lifestyle.




After two nights without a shower we decided a good hobo would go for a round of tennis and use the shower facilities after.

When we got to the tennis court they had no equipment for hire. BOO – can we still use your showers?! Luckily some guy REALLY liked Aussies and he found some friends who gave us tennis racquets, balls and a free court so I could whoop Todd’s butt.



We were told to drive up the Highway 1 towards San Fran for the beautiful scenery. Very quickly a four hire drive was turned into an eight hour drive due to the twists & turns.



20140522-151639.jpgThousands of Elephant Seals jiggling their way up the beach

We were all out of energy by the time we did reach San Francisco and decided it was time to turn the van in early before we killed each other.

The architecture here was amazing, we knew it was very hilly but the way the houses are built in these tiny sloping streets all painted bright colours with a different quirk to each is so interesting.





The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the prettiest things we saw in America. The contrast of the red bridge against the foggy sky with the bright blue water underneath and green grass from our view point was stunning.

A perfect view to end with.



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