When in Prague

The only thing I remember from my last visit to Prague was convincing this furry man to pay my entry to the famous five story club and a friend being threatened later on to pay him back.


This time round we decided to actually see the city by doing a walking tour and going on a pub crawl.



I think we were starting to feel the length of the trip at this stage because the highlight on the walking tour wasn’t any of the amazing buildings, it was the juicy sausage we had in the lunch break.

Seriously, we are doing sausages wrong in Australia. In other countries sausages aren’t just leftover pig fat squeezed into a tube that resembles a long circular womb. It’s actually delicious.





Confused and worn out from our adventures we decided to take a break from being tourists and just enjoy the weather and our surroundings.



We hired a paddle boat after a lengthy discussion about whether a swan would be a fun novelty outweighing practicality on the water, and ended up with this stripy orange number.





We spent a little too long looking at reviews for pub crawls trying to find the right mix between tacky pub crawl looseness and classy I’m not a tourist that goes on group pub crawls.

We decided on The Drunken Monkey pub crawl where we quickly realised the ratio was an uncomfortably creepy 20:1 (male to female).

We had failed.

We lost the group before even getting to the last club. I’m not sure how, but it definitely involved being too drunk to carry on – I blame the casket wine.

I found these photos the next morning so I think we made some friends…




After hiding out in our hostel room for a full day feeling sorry for ourselves we discovered the best food we have bad on the entire trip.




If your mouth isn’t watering, I don’t think we can be friends.


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